High Streak Blackjack Game

Microgaming has built a reputation for itself for providing the online gambling industry with innovative games. For example, Microgaming has taken the classic game of blackjack and created many variants that come with exotic rules and rewarding bonus bets. This game, High Streak Blackjack is one of these games. This game offers players the chance to earn money for winning several blackjack hands in a row, this is why it is called High Streak Blackjack.

Since it is powered by Microgaming, players will find a very exciting and a rewarding side bet. This bet is the winning streak bet, which explains the reason behind the name of the game.

The game follows all of the basic rules of blackjack such as:

– The game is played with two decks of cards.

– Dealer must stand on all 17s

– Split Ace and a 10 are a normal win and not a BJ

– Players who split aces will be able to hit multiple cards

– Unlike 10 value cards cannot be split

– No peaking

– Players will have to stand after getting 11 cards

– Players can only double on hard 9, 10 and 11s.

As for the side bet, it has a maximum of 25 credits. Once players win 2 hands in a row, they will start earning. 2 wins in a row pay 1 to 1, 3 wins in a row pays 2 to 1, 4 wins in a row pays 5 to 1 and 5 wins in a row pays 10 to 1.

Placing the Wagers:

Players will start by placing a bet on the blackjack hand. They will do that by choosing a chip size then placing it on the betting area. The available sizes include 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200. This also marks the wagering range for the blackjack hand as players can place bets that vary between 1 and 200 per hand.

Players will then decide whether they want to place a side bet to activate the High Streak bonus. Players who want to activate it will place a chip in the small betting area that is dedicated to activating this bonus. Of course, players have to place a blackjack bet before placing that bet since Blackjack is the main game. The minimum wager for the side bet is 1 credit while the highest bet is equal 25.

The High Streak Feature:

When players are placing their initial wagers, apart from the wager they will place on the blackjack hand, they will find an additional betting area that has the word on it. This bet will activate the bonus feature so players can get paid whenever they achieve streak wins and the longer the streak, the higher the payout. The payouts of  this side bet is as follows:

Two hands in a row will pay players 1 to 1 their side bet.

 Three wins in a row will pay players 2 to 1 their side bet.

 Four wins in a row will pay players 5 to 1 their side bet.

Five wins will pay players 10 to 1 their side bet.

Game Rules:

The game is played with three regular card decks

No peeking

Doubling down is allowed for players at hand totals of nine, ten and eleven

The dealer must stand at any 17 total, whether soft or hard

Unlike 10-value cards cannot be split

Players can split their hand once in order to create two different BJ hands

Players are forced to stand if they are dealt a total of eleven cards

Players can get more than one card when they split aces

A split ace and a 10 is considered a regular win and not a blackjack win

Blackjack pays 3 to 2

The insurance  bet pays 2 to 1

The net result of a split hand determines the result when it comes to the High Streak bonus game. For example, if players lose a hand and win another, it is considered a loss and will not be considered as a part of a winning streak.