Blackjack Rules

The Purpose of the Game:

The main goal of the game is to get a hand that has a total of 21 or as close as possible to that total without going over the number. The hand total is calculated by the cards forming the hand. The number cards have the same value as their number while face cards are valued at 10 points. For example, a hand that consists of a seven and a Jack is equal seventeen. As for the Ace, it can be counted as an 11 or 1. If it is used as a 1, it is called a hard hand and if it is used as an 11, it is called a soft hand. For example, a hand that consists of an Ace and an Eight is a Soft 19 and a hard 9.

Gaming Procedure:

Players will place a wager before getting any cards, after they do that, they will get 2 cards facing up. The dealer will also deal 1 card facing up to himself while the other card will be facing down, it is entitled the hole card. The players will then decide if they want to call, to get another card, or stands, if they are satisfied with their hand. They will keep getting cards until they decide to stand, once they stand, it is the dealer’s turn.

The dealer will reveal his hole card and he will keep getting cards until he gets a hand total that is equal or more than 17. Then the hand that has the total that is closer to 21 without busting (going over 21), will be the winning hand.

Doubling Down:

Players can double down, which means that they will double the original wager that they have placed. Some games give players the chance to double down at any hand total while other games only allow players to double down at hand totals of 9, 10 or 11. Once players double down, they will only be able to get one more card. This is why players should be careful before doubling down.


Insurance is a side bet that players can place in almost every blackjack game. This bet can be placed when the dealer has an Ace or a ten value card as the facing up card. Players will win the bet if the dealer has a blackjack. Once players place the insurance, the dealer will peak and see the hole card, if it is a blackjack, players will win the bet, if not, the player will lose that bet and the game will continue.

Blackjack Game Variations

Different games have different rules, but the main purpose stays the same, which is getting a hand total of 21. Here are some of the rules that vary between one game and another:


After players split their hand, if they get another pair, some games will enable players to resplit that hand to have a total of 4 hands while other games do not allow it.

Doubling after Splitting:

After players split their hand, some games give players the chance to double down on the hands they split while others do not allow doubling down for split hands.

Dealers Winning ties:

When players have the same hand total as the dealer, it is called a Push. Some games consider a push in the favor of the dealer and players will lose their bet, while others consider it a draw and players will get their original bet refunded

Number of Card Decks in Play:

The number of decks in play differs from one game to another. For example, Single Deck Blackjack only uses one deck of cards while other can use up to 8 card decks.

Splitting Unlike Ten Value Cards:

Some Blackjack versions allow players to split unlike 10 value cards such as different face cards. Other versions do not allow that as they only allow the splitting of identical cards.

Blackjack Card counting

Card counting is a technique that is used in order to predict the cards that are in the deck and the percentage of the upcoming card. You can start by using a counting chart, you can find many charts online by carrying out a simple search on Google. You will have to know the values of the cards. The values of the cards in the card counting systems vary between -1 and +10. Negative is a disadvantage to the player while positive numbers are in the advantage of the players.

According to the values, players will decide if they should split, double down, stand to hit. For beginners, a simple system of Hi Lo is more than enough. Here are the values of the car for this system:

An Ace or a 10 are assigned -1.

A seven, eight, nine are assigned 0

A two, three, four, five or six are assigned 1

This system is quite easy as all what a player will do is add these values. If the total is high, players should increase their wager and if they are low, they should either surrender or keep their bet. If it is at zero, it means that the chances are 50/50, it is called neutral advantage.

Counting the cards is not illegal but it is frowned upon at casinos. So if you are caught counting cards, you will be kicked out of the casino but you will not be legally charged.

Splitting – Blackjack Basic Strategy

When players get a pair of identical cards, they will be able to split. Splitting means that they will get 1 card on each split card to form two new hands. They will have to place an extra bet that is equal the original bet on the new hand.

If players split, they will play each card on its own, this means that it has its own bets. Players who split aces and get a 10 on any of the hands will be paid out regularly, as it is not considered a Blackjack win.


Blackjack was mentioned for the first time in 1600 in a book that was written by Miguel de Cervantes who is known for writing Don Quixote, one of the most popular novels. The game was called twenty-one at that time. In the book, two characters were described who were playing a game that had similar rules to blackjack as players were trying to get a hand total that is as close as twenty-one as possible, hence the naming of the game.

Besides this Spanish reference, the game was referenced in other countries as well. Despite the many references, the debate still goes on regarding the main origin of the game, whether Spanish or in other European countries. For example, some historians claim that the Blackjack game, or 21, originated in France and that it was called Vingt en Un, which translates to 21. This French version is quite similar to the Blackjack version that we know today. For example, it had the doubling feature but it was only a feature that is available for the dealer, unlike modern day blackjack where both, the player and the dealer, can double. The betting procedure differed slightly as in blackjack, you only place an original bet at the beginning and you can choose not to place other bets. In Vingt en Un, players had to place a wager after every round like poker.

Others claim that the blackjack game originated from Italy. They say that it is derived from a popular and an ancient Italian game called Seven and a Half. In this Italian game, players would play with a set of sevens, eights, nines and face cards. The main goal was to get a 7 and a half card combo or a total that is less than that. The King of Diamonds was the wild card that can replace any other card. Players who go over 7 and a half lose because they “busted”.

This makes it clear that the game originated in Europe and it was not known in the United States of America until it arrived from Europe. Once it entered the USA, people saw the potential that the game has and it started to be one of the main games at any gambling venue. The name of Blackjack was a result of the high payout that was given to players who get a hand that consists of an ace of spades and a black jack.

The Simplicity of Blackjack – Complete Blackjack Online 

Players go to the Blackjack online tables because it is a very simple game, yet very complicated. The basic rules of the game are simple and it has the potential of making players rich. The core rule is that players should try to get a hand total as close as they can to twenty one without going over it, hence the other name of the game, 21. They have to be closer to 21 than the dealer. Of course players who know the basic rules and the basic guides to play Blackjack will be able to play the game but they will not be able to become rich playing it. Decisions like hitting, standing, doubling or and surrendering should not be based on luck, hunch or feelings but they have to be educated decisions that depend on advanced strategies and techniques. Players can get lucky and win a lot but sooner or later, their later luck will run out and they will need to follow strategies in order to keep winning. So the players who are looking for an advanced guide to Blackjack to be able to win the big bucks should keep reading as we are going to discuss some of the basic and advanced guides and strategies that should be followed in order to increase the chances of winning.

Blackjack Introduction

Blackjack which is also known as twenty one because of its rules is one of the most popular and most played casino games that ever existed. The simple rules and good payout are what attracts millions of players worldwide to the blackjack tables or their equivalent virtual tables on online casinos. The rules of the game is quite simple, players get dealt two cards facing up and the dealer gets dealt two cards as well but one card is facing up and the other card is facing down. The goal of the game is to have a hand total of twenty one or closer to twenty one than the dealer without going over twenty one.

Players then choose to hit or stand. Hitting means that players will ask to be dealt another card in order to get closer to twenty one and on the other hand, standing means that players are satisfied with their hand and they do not want more cards. It is also worth noting that the dealer is obligated not to deal himself any card if he reaches or goes over seventeen.

The History of Blackjack

It is always useful to know the history of the game before playing it. Even if it will not help players win or count cards and does not offer any winning tactics or strategies but it is very important to know the origin and the history of the game. The history of Blackjack dates back to the 1600s. At that time, it had another form different from the one that is known at the moment. The game was presented in one of many books that were written by Miguel de Cervantes. Miguel de Cervantes is the author of one of the most popular novels, Don Quixote. In one of the books written by him, it presented the characters, who are master players, using a card game in order to cheat people out of their money. The game’s rules resembles the rules of Blackjack like having the goal of the game is to reach twenty one or closer than twenty one than the opponent without going over the same number. Beside the Blackjack references in the Spanish books, the game got referenced in other countries as well.

The experts are still not sure about Blackjack’s country of origin as some people say Spain and some people beg the difference. Some of the historians say that the country of origin was actually France. The name of Blackjack in France is Vingt en Un, which translates to twenty one in English. Vingt en Un’s rules is very close to the rules of today’s Blackjack with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is related to doubling. In the modern version of Blackjack, players and dealers are allowed to double, on the other hand, in Vingt en Un, only the dealer was allowed to double. Another rule that was different was the wagering option. In today’s version of Blackjack, players place a wager and they have to abide by it until they win or lose. On the other hand, in Vingt en Un, players were able to change the wagers they placed every round. Despite these minor changes but the basic rules of Blackjack remained the same, which is reaching 21 or closer to it than the opponent without going over it.

Other historians claim that the game originated in Italy. If we look closer at the rules, it is clear that Blackjack did not originate from this game but the rules are almost the same, especially the term that was used which is “busted”, this means that players have gone over and lost. The Italian game was called Seven and a Half. In Seven and a Half, players would play with a set of 9s, 8s and 7s and face cards. The purpose of the game was to reach seven and a half (hence the name of the game) card combo or lower. Players who get a King of Diamonds are allowed replace it with any card; it was basically a wild card.

Whether the origin of the game was Italy, Spain or France, it is clear that the origin was from a European country. This is why the game was not known in America at that time. When the game arrived to the U.S.A, the people interested in the game started to change the rules. The game started to become more popular and gambling venues started to attract the gamblers by offering high payouts to make them interested. For instance, some casinos and gambling venues would give players a ten to one payout if they hit a blackjack.

Despite the origin of the game, one fact remains the same, Blackjack has climbed its way until it became one of the most played and most popular gambling games there is.

Blackjack Basics

Players who are looking for an easy casino game that has simple and easy rules and players who are looking for a game that they can get lucky while playing and make some good money, then they should head straight to the Blackjack tables. Blackjack is a card game that involves the dealer and a number of players. Each player and the dealer are dealt two cards. The players’ cards are facing down, as for the dealer he will have one card facing up and the other is facing down. The purpose of the game is to reach twenty one or Blackjack, hence the game is also called 21. Players win if they hit a 21 or they have a hand total of less than 21 but closer to 21 other than the dealer. Players who go over 21 will lose and dealers are obligated to stop whenever they reach 17 or higher.

Players who want to make money from this game will have to follow certain strategies and guidelines because the game is not all about hitting, standing and folding. Players will have to fully understand the rules and have a good grasp of them in order to make money instead of going bankrupt at the Blackjack tables. So before players flock to the Blackjack tables to test their luck, they should know these basic rules and simple strategies that would help them win money at the Blackjack tables.

1- Players who get dealt low card should ask for another card:

Players who get dealt low cards should hit, meaning they ask for another card. It is pretty obvious why; it is because having a low hand total would enhance the position of the dealer of having a higher hand total. So in order to avoid that and get closer to twenty one, players should hit.

2- Players should know when to stand:

When players hit and get three cards and they are close to 21, they should stand. Some players think that they should hit another card to get closer to twenty one but the chances are that the next card will be of a big value and will make them bust (go over twenty one) and lose. So players are advised to stand.

3- Hitting or Standing when having a high hand total:

If players are dealt two cards that have a high value, players will be faced with a hard decision. They can hit another card if they feel lucky and they might get lucky and get a low value card that gets them closer to 21 without busting. On the other hand, players can decide to play it safe and stand to avoid the risk of going over twenty one.

4- Wagering Amounts:

Like any casino gambling game, players should start with small bets and increase it as they go. Players would wager their earning and keep at it until they win more.

5- The Doubling Option:

Some certain hands will offer players the option to double down. It is like splitting, but instead it is for wagers as it lets players double their wager. After doubling, players will only get dealt one more card. Doubling is always a good chance for players to double the winning if they get a good hand.

6- Always Split Pairs:

Players who are initially dealt a pair will have the option to split. It means splitting the hand into two different hands with two bets. This means that players will have two hands against the hand of the dealer. It is the perfect way to double the wins or to cover up the loss of one hand by winning the other. The new hand will have the same bet that players have placed on the first hand, so players who wagered 50 chips on the hand will have to place the same wager on the other hand.

7- Surrendering can be a Way out:

Of course players would try to win all the games but this is not going to happen. Sometimes it is better to take the easy way out and surrender if the cards are bad and when the dealer has much better cards. Surrendering means giving up the hand, it is just like folding in Poker but unlike poker, players will only lose half of the wager. So sometimes it is better to lose half of the wager than to lose the whole bet. This is why surrendering is sometimes the best decision to cut down on the losses.

These are merely the basic guidelines and strategies that players should abide by when trying their luck at the Blackjack tables. Players should fully understand the rules and know all of their options so they are sure they are making the best decision that will help them achieve great winnings.

Blackjack Guide

Blackjack online has to be one of the easiest gambling games there is. It is simple and direct. The player is faced with a dealer. Each one of them gets dealt two cards, the player’s cards are both facing up and the dealer shows one card to the player and the other to himself. The player can hit or stand in order to have a card total of 21 or as close as 21 as it can be. The one with a hand total that is closer than 21 will be the winner.

Of course it goes without saying that going over twenty one will disqualify the player or the dealer. The dealer is obligated to stop whenever he reaches 17 or higher. Although these rules seem pretty simple and easy, players will have to acknowledge them and understand fully in order for them to be able to use them for their own advantage while playing Blackjack.

The game is not really that simple as it is not all about flipping cards, standing and hitting as there are a lot of things that should be known before a player can call himself a professional blackjack online player. There are mechanics and techniques that are used such as counting cards and other systems that will help the players reach 21. Professional players would know exactly when to hit or stand, on the other hand, amateurs just go for the twenty one regardless of the cards and they do not know when to stop.

So for the players who want to be professional Blackjack players, here is a guide that will help them achieve just that. It contains all the basic strategies that are needed to play a better game of Blackjack. Once the players use this guide, they will have a much better chance of defeating the dealer and they will have an advantage on their side, the advantage of knowledge. So this guide should not be looked at as a beginners guide but as a refreshing guide that players can use to refresh their knowledge of the rules of Blackjack.

First of all, the player will get dealt two cards along the other players if there is more than one player on the table. The cards will be facing up. The dealer in turn will give himself two cards, one card will be facing up and the other will be facing down. The reason behind the facing down card is to prevent the players from knowing whether the dealer has a win or not.

Then the player will have to decide if he wants to raise the value of the cards. If he does, he will ask for a hit which means he wants the dealer to hit him with another card. So if the player gets a 3 and a 5, this means that the total hand value is 8. So any Blackjack player will hit in order to get another card to get closer to 21.

The other option that the player can go with is standing, which is the opposite of hitting. If the player gets a good value from the initial two cards or even after hitting once or twice and the player is satisfied with the hand value, he can stand. This means that the player does not want to get dealt any more cards.

In order for the player to win, he will have to hit exactly twenty one which does not happen a lot. Other ways to win is to get a hand value that is closer to twenty one than the dealer or if the dealer goes over twenty one. The players are also offered the option to split their hand if they get a pair. So if the player gets dealt two tens or two aces, he will be able to split them into two different hand with two different wagers. This means that the player can double his wins or make up for the loss of one hand by winning the second one.

Another option that is given to the players at some point of the game is the option of doubling. The doubling is the doubling of the wager so if a player wagered 50 chips, he will double it to 100 chips but following the doubling, the player will have to be dealt another card. So in order for the player to use it in his own advantage, he will have to know the regulation and know which hands can trigger the doubling options so he knows when to use it.

Last but not least, there is the surrender option. This resembles the folding option in poker but unlike poker, the player will only lose half of the wager and will be refunded the other half. So players can choose to surrender if they feel like the hand is risky or that they can’t win.

Many Blackjack players think that they know all what they need to know about Blackjack. They know how to get to 21, they know hitting, standing, splitting and doubling. So they think that they are ready to sit at any Blackjack online table and start playing. Of course this is the basic knowledge that any player needs to know in order to play Blackjack but there are other rules as well as there are many variations of Blackjack, each one has its own rules. It is not all about flipping the cards and hitting or standing to get to 21.

The basic rules at the different variations of Blackjack remain the same. The players win if they get a hand total of twenty one or closer to that number than the dealer without going over twenty one. This is why the game of Blackjack is sometimes called 21. Casinos, land based and online ones have felt that these simple rooms allow manipulation and this is why they invented more variations of rules. This is why before players decide to play Blackjack at any venue, they will have to be sure that they know all the rules so they know what they are up against.

Here are some of the rules that vary from one casino to another:

1- Doubling After Splitting

Some casinos would allow the players to double after they split their hand into two hands. On the other hand, some casinos and Blackjack venues would not allow the players to double if they split.

2- Re-Splitting

Players are able to split their initial hand if they get a pair. This splits their first hand into two different hands with two different wagers. This gives the players the chance to double their wins. If the player is lucky and he gets another pair on one of his hands, he is able to re split them which mean that the player will have three hands. The variation of this rule is that some casinos do not allow re splitting.

3- Ties is in the Favor of the Dealer

If the player gets 21 and the dealer also hits 21, this means that they are both equal and that it is a draw. The dealer will give the player his bet back. The variation of this rule states that the tie is in the favor of the dealer. This mean that of the player and the dealer are tied, it counts as a win to the dealer and the player loses his bet. This might not seem fair to some but it is rarely used and it is always used in charity events in order to increase the advantage of the house.

4- The Player’s Payout

Some online casinos offer the players a lower or a higher payout than the usual payout standards when they are giving the player his earning in Blackjack. The casinos do this in order to increase the advantage of the house but the problem is that it hurts the player’s winning. Giving lower payouts is familiar in single deck blackjack and video blackjack.

5-The Number of Decks in Play

Different variations of Blackjacks use different number of decks. The lesser the number of the decks, the more chances the player has to win. This is due to the fact that one deck is much easier to track and count than two or three decks. This is why casinos tend to increase the advantage of the house and the dealer if there is only one deck of cards in play. So it is advised that players read all the rules and regulation regarding the number of decks in play.

6- Dealer Blackjack

The No Hole Card doesn’t allow the dealer to check his 2nd card before the player makes his decision known. This can be very risky because players will have no idea whether the dealer has a good or a bad hand. This is why it is also called Dealer’s Blackjack.

7- Hitting After Splitting Aces

When players are dealt two aces, it is no brainer that they should split them. The variation of rules comes after they split as some variations do not allow the player to hit more than once after he splits the aces.

8-The Early & Late Surrender

Surrendering means that the player will give up his hand, it is like folding in Poker but in Blackjack, the player will get to keep half of the bet and loses the other half. There are two variations when it comes to surrendering, there is the late surrender and the early surrender. The early surrender means that the player will be able to surrender his hand before the dealer checks his cards. On the other hand, the late surrender comes after the dealer checks his card and sees if he has an ace or a 10 before giving the player the option to surrender his hand.



Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and famous casino games there is. This is due to the fact that the game is so simple and has an easy to understand mechanic. The players try to reach 21, or the closest they can to 21. In order for the player to beat the house, they will have to be closer than 21 than the house. It is also famous because it is one of the games that people can actually win and beat the house. There is more into the game of Blackjack than the normal and traditional blackjack. After playing so many hands of the traditional blackjack, things can get a little repetitive and boring. Trying to get 21, splitting, doubling and staying can be more than repetitive.

Internet Blackjack

Since Blackjack was one of the most popular games, when online gaming debuted, it became one of the very first games to be offered online. As mentioned above, it can get a little boring and repetitive and this is exactly why online Blackjack offers the players more than one variation of the game to make it more fun and interesting. The variations do not change the core and the basic rules of blackjack but it doesn’t slightly change the rules to make it more fun. For instance, some variations would make you able to play with more than one hand against one hand and in another variation you would win if you predict a hand to be a pair and you get a pair. So here is a list of some of the well-known variations of Blackjack that are available on the web.

Variations of Blackjack

1) Atlantic City Blackjack:

At this variation of Blackjack online, the casino would not allow you to re split your hand and it offers only late surrender. Also the dealer is obligated to stand at a specific hand total and if you split aces, you can only hit once. Although these rules might seem against the advantage of the player but in fact it is not as this kind of game has higher payout rate than other types of Blackjack.

2) European Blackjack:

The core rule remains the same, in order to win you need to get a hand total of 21 or closer than 21 than the house. The different thing is that there are eight decks of cards in play. You are not permitted to split 4s, 5s or 10s and there is no re splitting. It offers early surrender and Peek rule is now allowed. As for the rest of the rules, they are the same as the traditional Blackjack.

3) Single Deck Blackjack:

Judging from its name, in this game, there is only one deck of cards in play. The house always takes advantage of this variation by changing the rules.  The payout odd is higher than other variations which mean that the player will lose a piece of his bet to the house. Some casinos offer this game but with the same traditional payout odd, so make sure to know the rules of the game before you start playing.

4) Double Deck Blackjack:

In this variant, there are two decks of cards in play. This means that the players who are depending on counting cards to win will have to change their counting strategy. This does not mean that this variant is designed to make the players lose because the house has to deal with two decks of cards as well so it gives a chance to the players to win.

5) Vegas Blackjack:

Since Vegas is the biggest gambling city of them all, it has the right to make its own kind of Blackjack.  It has the same rules of the traditional Blackjack but it allows doubling down after you split and offers more payouts.

6) Super Fun 21:

This casino has the same traditional rules but as the name suggests, it adds a little fun to the game. For instance, the player will win if he gets a hand total of twenty with 6 cards, this can even win the dealers’ 21. It also allows you to split up to 4 times and you can double down at any time during the game.

7) Perfect Pairs Blackjack:

Apart from having the same traditional rules, it allows you to place a side wager on your hand by betting that you will get a pair. This is not all as specific pairs will give you amazing payouts. The best hand is the perfect pair; a perfect pair is when you get a pair of identical cards, for instance getting 2 Jack of Spades or 2 Aces of Diamonds.

8) Video Blackjack:

Video Blackjack allows you to play Blackjack as a slot machine without having to see the dealer’s card. So if you do not want to sit down with other players, this is the way to go.

Splitting your hand in Blackjack

When you are enjoying your time playing Blackjack, at some hands, you will be faced with an option to split your hand. Splitting your hand means that you will split your hand into two different hands. You are going to be able to split your hand only when the hand consists of a pair (two 2’s, two Aces, two kings, etc). You will have the choice to either split or not, at sometimes you are advised to split so you can make some good money. Once you split our hand, it means that you are playing with two hands; each one has its own wagers. This means you can win on both hands, and you can lose at one and win at the other, this is why it is always a great chance to double our winning or at least win at one if the other one loses to make up for the loss.

The Guide for Splitting

Splitting is a good way to make money but this does not mean that you should split every time you get the chance. You need to follow a certain strategy whenever the option to split pops up. Sometimes it is better to stay than to split. So here is a guide that would help you decide whether to split or not whenever you are faced with the option.

Check your hand:

The first guide is to look at the hands you will end up with if you split. So if you think the cards you will split will make for good hands then split. If they are not going to make a good hand then it is better not to split.

Always split 8s:

As the title says, always split the 8’s because they would make a good base for hands. So if you ever get 2 8’s, it is advised to split them

Split Aces but Never 10s:

This is a very well-known rule among blackjack players. Aces make an amazing build for new hands; this is why they should be split. Not only that but the fact that 2 aces would make a 2 or a 12, both will not have high chances of winning against the dealer’s 17. So it is safer to split them to get a 6 or a 7 or a face card. Whatever card you get will still be better than the 2 or the 12 created by the two aces.

As for 10’s, the fact that they make a 20 is much better and safer than splitting them and getting bad hands. Some people split 10s to get aces for 21 but the probability of that happening is very low. So it is safer to stay with 20 (2 10s).

6s, 7s and 9s should be split:

These cards do have a good value but it is better to split because it doubles the chances for winning.

2s, 3s and 4s depends on the dealer’s hand

If you are put in a position to split 2s, 3s or 4s, you will have to take the decision based upon the visible card that the dealer has. If the dealer has a card value between two and six, then it is advised to split.

Rethink your split if the dealer shows a ten or an Ace

If the dealer has a ten or an Ace, it is better not to split and re think it well. This is due to the fact that a ten or an ace would make a good hand that might beat both of your hands if you split. So it is better not to split.

Know the Splitting rues of the casino

Before you start splitting, you need to know the rules that the casino has when it comes to splitting. Some casinos don’t allow splitting to increase the advantage of the house. Some casinos don’t allow the splitting of certain pairs like tens or aces. So before you play, make sure you know the rules that each casino has in terms of splitting.

Splitting is not always the best option, sometimes it is better to hit or stand. Although splitting is very attractive because it brings the possibility of doubling the wins but it is not always the best choice. So always consider your cards and the dealer’s card before you take the decisions to split.

At last, always follow these rules and don’t think whether to split or no, you already know what hands should be split and what hands should not be split. Thinking about it in game will only bring bad results. Know your strategy and follow it throughout the game so you are sure that you are making the best choices and increasing your chances of winning while playing Blackjack.

Card Counting for Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most well-known games in land based casinos. Many players flock to the Blackjack tables to make some money. This is due to the fact that this is one of the few games that a player can actually beat the house. So if you already make some money from the Blackjack tables, you must have thought that you would want to make more money and win more. There is a way to achieve just that. It is called card counting. Some people build their knowledge of counting cards from movies like 21 or Rain Man which is not exactly accurate.

Casinos are apparently against card counting because it increases the advantages of the players against the house and if done right, it can cost the casinos millions of dollars. If you ever get caught counting cards, you will be thrown out of the casino. So do it discreetly so you don’t face the consequences.

Counting cards does not depend entirely on counting the cards, it does involve cards counting but that is not all. It involves knowing that a deck with lower card value is against the player’s advantage. On the other hand, a deck that has the highest face values such as kings, jacks and queen is in the favor of the player. This means that the more cards with a low value are dealt, the higher the chances that the player will get a face card which will lead in higher chances of winning.

Of course this is not all; card counting is much more complicated than that. You do not need to worry though because if you are interested in card counting, all you need to know is follow the following guide that will break down all the strategies of card counting and steps you should follow to win the big bucks.

Blackjack Card Counting Guide

1) Know and master the different card counting methods:

There is more than one type of card counting; it is not only the casual counting. The first type is the type we are all familiar with, the casual counting. This is the simplest card counting method, so if you plan to win the big bucks, you need to get to know other methods and master them.

2) Use a card counting chart:

Card counting charts can be easily found online by doing a simple Google search. It will help you have a better judgment while playing as it have all the values listed of all the deck cards that you can be dealt. Every game is different, so it will help you with whatever card counting method you have chosen.

3) Understand the values:

When you are starting your card counting adventure, you need to have a good grasp on what counters use. Most systems assign a certain number value for each of the cards that are dealt. The values vary from -1 to +10. The negative values indicate a disadvantage to the players, on the other hand positive values is in the favor of the player. Based on these values, you should make your decision to split, double down, hit or stand. As these values will help you take the decisions you need throughout the game.

4) Beginners are advices to go Hi-Lo:

If you are still a beginner at card counting, it is advised to use the Hi-Lo system which is one of the most used systems when it comes to card counting. It is also known as the Point Count System. It assigns a value to all of the cards that are dealt, yours and the dealer’s, it is very useful but it needs a lot of concentration to keep track of all of the values. Here are the values.

  • -1 for a 10 or an Ace.
  • Zero for 7, 8 or 9.
  • 1 for 2,3,4,5 or 6.

After assigning these values to the cards, as the values go higher, you have a higher chance of winning and you are advised to increase your bet. On the other hand, if the values are low, then you should not increase the bet. At zero it is neutral, so you should do what you see is right as you and the dealer have the same advantage. There are other systems of card counting such as KO system and Hi-Opt among other systems. They are much harder and more complicated but with a good chart and a strong power of will and concentration, you will be able to master it.

You should also know that if the variant of Blackjack you are playing has more than one deck, card counting gets a lot harder because you are counting two or more decks. So it needs a lot of concentration to be able to track the cards and assign the values.

Blackjack is one of the most popular and famous casino games, whether at online casinos or land based casinos. The reason behind that is the fact that the game has a very easy mechanic and simple rules. The player has to get a total of cards equal to 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer. The fact that this game is known for being one of the games that the house has no advantage in makes it very popular and famous among casino players and gamblers. Some people play Blackjack recreationally and they play according to their hunch and feelings and others are professional blackjack players and they know when to hit, when to stand and when to double the stakes.

Since Blackjack debuted in the world of gambling and casinos have been trying to alter and change the rules in order to keep some kind of advantage of the house in order to prevent as much money as they can from going to the players pockets. This is why there are many variations of Blackjack out there. These variants have the same core and basic rules which is getting to 21 but they differ in some minor rules.

Wagers on Internet Blackjack

With the debut of online gambling, Blackjack was introduced being the most famous gambling game. Since then and online casino and software developers have been modifying the rules and offering more than one variant in order to give some advantages back to the players. For instance, increasing the payout rules that have been forgotten about for so long as these casinos reward the players who decide to risk it. One of the biggest names in the software developing industry, Cryptologic Gaming, offers a wide range of Blackjack variants that have amazing payouts and rules that will dazzle you and make you think that they are too good to be true but they are. So here is a small guide about the variants and the rules of the Blackjack games offered by Cryptologic Gaming.

The Variety in the Wagering Range

Most casinos, whether online or land based would have the maximum limit of the wager capped at one hundred dollars. This is not the case at Cryptologic Blackjack as the wagering maximum limit is caped at an amazing two thousand dollars. This gives the players the ability to place wagers according to their gambling budgets. So high rollers can stake two thousand dollars per hand and as for the low rollers, they can easily place minimum bets, all according to their budget. This variety of wagering range indicates that Cryptologic does its best to satisfy the needs of all kinds of gamblers.

Single and Multilayer Blackjack Games

Some people like to play single and win on their own and others like to play against people. This is another amazing feature of Crypotologic Blackjack as it gives the players to choose whether they want to play single or play multiplayer with other players. Every player has his own social level that he wants to play in so Cryptologic Blackjack provides each player with what he needs.

Two Hands versus One Hand

Many players wish that they can play with more than one hand against the single hand of the dealer. These people can easily get what they wish for as Cryptologic Blackjack offers them just that. It allows the players to have multiple hands against one hand of the dealer. This new kind of Blackjack has its own sets of pros and cons. For instance, if the dealer has a 21, this means that the player will lose all of his hands. On the other hand, the player will get a chance to double and triple his wins if he got better hands. So it is a perfect way for the players to get rid of the boredom of the single hand blackjack.

Only a Few Restrictions

What makes Cryptologic Blackjack stands out from the rest of the blackjack variants is the fact that it doesn’t apply a lot of restrictions to increase the advantage of the house as other variants do. Some casinos and blackjack variants implement restrictions to increase the house advantage such as not allowing re splitting or stating that the players can’t split certain cards to name a few.

New Variants are Always Added

Cryptologic Blackjack does its best in order to keep the variants coming so the players will never feel bored from existing variants. Cryptologic Blackjack has made these variations of Blackjack the highlight of the company. So for all of the players who are bored from the traditional and restrictive variants of Blackjack are advised to visit any of the Cryptologic powered casinos in order to enjoy the best collection of Blackjack variants. Cryptologic powers many online casinos but two of the best and recommended internet casinos are VIP Casino and InterCasino.

Blackjack has to be the most fun gambling game out there. It allows the players to use calculations, hunches and feelings in order to win. The core and basic rule of the game is that the player has to have a hand total of twenty one or closer to twenty one than the dealer without going over twenty one. Many players became millionaires from Blackjack and this made Blackjack one of the most popular casino games out there.

With the busy and hectic live that most people live today, there is not enough time for them to leave their daily activities in order to go to a casino and play Blackjack. No matter how bad they want to have some fun and make some money through Blackjack but they simply can’t find the time between work, babysitting, family ties and other stuff.

Internet Blackjack

Companies acknowledged this fact and knew that if the players are offered a chance to play Blackjack on the go without having to go to a land based casino that they would do it. This is why many online casinos and companies now offer Blackjack on their online venues and it has become one of the most popular online gambling games with many variants. Online blackjack allowed the players to easily play their favorite game between chores, at their house or by simply using their smart phones. Online blackjack has become an online phenomenon.

Microgaming Blackjack

Many online gambling companies and software developers offer Blackjack but if the players want to have the best variants and enjoy the best experience while playing Blackjack online, they are advised to play at the Microgaming powered casinos. Microgaming is one of the leading names in the world of online gambling and it is one of the best software developers. Microgaming offers various casinos games such as slots, table games and card games but it has focused on Blackjack being the popular game it is and started to enhance it by offering many variants to it.

Here is a small guide to the Blackjack offerings by Microgaming, its variants, its advantages and more:

The variety of the Blackjack variants:

Microgaming offers the players more than forty different Blackjack variants. Although they have the same basic rules but the variety keeps the players entertained and chases boredom away. The variants change the rules and add new spins to the normal game of Blackjack. For instance, at some variants, the players are not allowed to double down. These changes push the players into chancing their strategies and keep the Blackjack gaming content fresh.

The Wagering Range

Most online and land based casinos implement a strict maximum limit for wagers. This is not the case when it comes to the Blackjack games that are provided by Microgaming as these games allow the players to wager up to five thousand credits per hand. This works as the perfect incentive to push the high rollers into playing the game. There is also small bets for the players who having a tight budget.

The Popular Microgaming Variants

Microgaming has an amazing collection of Blackjack variants that are so popular among the online blackjack players. This collection includes European Blackjack and Vegas Blackjack to name a few.

Microgaming powers the best Online Casinos

Instead of wasting time and energy searching for the Blackjack games at different casinos, the players can easily choose one of many online gambling casinos that are powered by Microgaming and they will easily find all the variants they want. For instance, Microgaming powers Jackpot City, River Belle Casino and Golden Riviera to name a few.

The Microgaming Blackjack Variants are filled with Bonuses

The usual game of blackjack is all about flipping cards and getting to 21. This can get boring after some hands. This is why the Microgaming Blackjack variants offer the players extra incentives to play and offers them bonuses while they are it.

For instance, some Microgaming Blackjack variants offer the players the chance to examine their luck by providing them with a feature that is called side bets. For instance, the player will win the side bet if he gets dealt a pair. This gives the players the chance to test their luck and make some extra money while they are playing the normal game of Blackjack. Another side bet involves the players betting that the total hand of the cards will be more than the number assigned. For instance, if the number assigned is fourteen and the players get a hand total of fifteen, then the players will win the side bet.

This is not all as these are only a few advantages and variants that are offered by Microgaming Blackjack games. So the players who want to take advantage of these features, they can visit one of many Microgaming powered casinos such as River Belle Casino, Lucky Nugget and Jackpot City.



Double Down Guide for Blackjack

Doubling down is one of the most important decision to be taken during a game of Blackjack. Players will be faced with the option to double down when they feel that they have got a very good hand, so they double the bet they placed at the beginning of the game. For instance, players who get dealt two cards with a hand total of nine, ten or eleven are advised to double because these hands have the potential to be winning hands.

Taking the decision to double down should not be based on a gut feeling but instead, it should be based on a good strategy because if players lose the hand they doubled, they will end up losing double the initial bet they wagered. Players should not just double down on every hand of ten, nine or eleven they get thinking that it is a good decision as this decision has to be based on a well thought of strategy.

For players who are interested in knowing important tips guidelines to doubling down, here is a small guide that will surely help.

First of all, players who get a hand total of ten or eleven are advised to double down. This is due to the fact that having this hand total from the initial two cards means that players have a good advantage against the house and that they have a higher chance of winning the hand. The only downside is that players who double down will only be dealt one card without having the option to ask for more but even with this downside, the chances of hitting a blackjack are high, so it is advised to double down.

Amateurs tend to give up on the double down as a result of fear. They do that because they are afraid that the dealer might have an ace in his cards. This is wrong because giving up the double down could mean giving up on one of the best chances of winning. Players might lose but they also have a high chance of winning. So players are advised against giving up on double downs out of fear from the dealer’s possible ace. If the dealer gets an ace, the game will become riskier because this means that the dealer is very close from hitting blackjack so players have to watch out. Of course players who are counting cards will not face this problem.

Players should not double down specific numbers. For instance, card totals that are below nine such as six, seven and eight. This is because these numbers are very risky and have a very small chance of adding up to 21 when hit with another card. Nine being the middle option as some people advise a double down and other do not, so players have the choice to either double it or no but mostly, it is advised to be doubled.

Having a soft hand is in the player’s advantage. A soft hand is when a player gets dealt an ace in the first two cards. The ace can be counted as one or a ten. On the other hand when a player gets any other cards that do not include an ace, it is called a hard hand. Doubling down with soft hands is advisable because they have a small chance of losing. It is not risk free because the dealer might have something that is more than six. This does not mean that players should not double down on soft hands because any card game is risky and depends on luck.

Players are advised to double down on hand totals that are between nine and eleven, but once the hand is over eleven, doubling down is not recommended. This is due to the fact that doubling a hand total of twelve can bust players if they get a 10 or a face card. This only applies to hard hands, as it is recommended to double down on soft hands even if the hand total is above eleven.

Double down on soft hands is pretty much recommended, but the hands that range from thirteen to eighteen can be a little risky and players are advised to make their own choice when it comes to doubling down those hands. It is advised to double down if the dealer has low cards between three and six but if the dealer has something higher than this, he will have the upper hand and it is safer to hit or stand.

These are only few of the guidelines and tips that players should follow when they want to double down because doubling down can earn the players great winnings and it can make them go bankrupt. Following these tips is going to increase the advantages of winning because taking the doubling down decision is based on a good strategy and technique.


Advanced Strategy Guidelines and Tips:

1- Counting Cards:

All Blackjack players have heard of card counting as it has been presented in movies such as 21 and Rain Man. Counting cards can make a player win most of the hands but players who do it will have to be careful not to get noticed because casinos have the right to kick players who are convicted of counting cards out of the casino. So players who are winning a lot of hands are advised to lose some so they do not look like card counters.

2- Surrendering Bad Hands:

Poker players fold their hands at the beginning of the game when they feel that their hand is a losing hand. Same thing can be applied to Blackjack, it is called surrendering. Players are able to surrender their hand but unlike poker, players will get half of the wager back and only lose another. So players who feel like they have a very unlucky hand or think that the dealer has a Blackjack are advised to surrender. It is always better to lose half of the wager than losing the whole thing.

3- Do Not Split Any Pair:

Players who are dealt a pair have the chance to split. Splitting means that the player will have two hands. This is a very good chance for players to double the winnings or to cover up the loss of one hand by winning the other one. Although it is a good option, not all pairs should be split. Splitting any hands will not be a good decision. For instance players are not advised to split 10s and to always split 8s and Aces. As for cards that range from two to seven, they should be split but after looking at the card that the dealer has.

4-Resplitting is always a Good Decision:

When players split a pair, they can get lucky and get another pair, this would allow players to split the hand into two more hands. Players who are faced with this decision should always re-split because this means that players will have three hands against one hand. This would allow players to double or triple the winnings and cover up the losses of one hand by winning the other two.

5- Hitting or Standing According to the Cards at Hand:

Players should take the hitting or standing decisions according to their hand total and to the visible card of the dealer. Players who have a low hand total should hit and players who have a high hand total should stand to avoid busting and going over 21.

6- Deciding to Cash the Insurance:

If the dealer gets an Ace, players will have the option to place a side wager that is called insurance. Players place this wager to bet that the dealer has a Blackjack. If the dealer has a blackjack, players will be awarded the insurance, on the other hand if he does not; players will lose the insurance bet. It is a very risky wager and should not be wagered a lot.

7- Doubling the Wager:

Certain hands will offer players the chance to double their initial wager that they placed. The certain hands are 10, 11 and 9. Players are advised to double down if the dealer has a lower card than this. This is a very good chance to double the winnings when players think that they are in a better position than the dealer.