Mobile Blackjack Strategy Overview

Mobile Blackjack Strategy and Blackjack Rules

Blackjack, which is also referred to as 21 is a card game where players play against the dealer and not against each other. The main purpose of the game is to get a hand total that is closer to 21 than the dealer without busting. Busting means that the hand total exceeds the magical number of this game, “21”. The history of this game dates back to hundreds of years ago which automatically makes it one of the most popular casino games and the most played card games around the world. This is why there are not any casinos, whether land based or online based that do not offer players a blackjack game. With the technology available these days that enabled players to download different apps on their mobile smartphones, players can now enjoy a blackjack game on their mobiles at any time wherever they are.

Players can enjoy a blackjack game for fun by using virtual credits that they can get for free through the app or by buying them. That is not all as players can also place real money bets and earn back real cash by placing bets on blackjack tables at any of the mobile casinos available. This is because many online casino operators have decided to offer their services to players through the mobile channel because of its popularity and availability. This is why the mobile gaming industry is, without a shadow of a doubt, the fastest growing industry in the whole world.

Playing a Blackjack strategy through the touch Function of Smartphones

If your smartphone works by touch, you need not to worry as all blackjack apps and online casinos understand that 90% of smartphones come with a touch screen and they have optimized the blackjack game so it can be easily played through the touch screen.

By the same way as using a mouse at an online casino to tap onto the options that appear during the game play, such as Hit, Stand, Split or Double down, players will simply click on the options with their fingers.

The Compatibility of Blackjack Online Apps

Players do not have to worry about the compatibility of the blackjack casino apps either. This is because the operators understand that people have different brands and operating systems. This is why they have developed their apps to work perfectly fine on the different operating systems. Some operators optimize their apps to work on all operating systems while other release different apps for different systems. Therefore, whether you have an iPhone, an iPad, an Android powered device, a Windows phone or a Blackberry, you will be able to enjoy a blackjack game through your mobile, whether for real money or for fun.

How to Download a Blackjack Online Casino App

If you are a Blackjack fan and want to enjoy Vegas Blackjack on your mobile, there are numerous ways to go, and it all depends on what your preference is, is it real money betting or do you want to play for fun.

For Free Play:

If you just want to play for fun without placing real money bets, then you can find the suitable apps for you online with ease. For example, if you use an Android powered phone, then you will find plenty of blackjacks on Google Play. These apps are free to download and they offer plenty of Blackjack versions for an outstanding gaming experience. Here are some of the best and the most popular Blackjack casino apps that can be found on Google Play:

Blackjack 21 Free:  This Android blackjack app is one of the best free to play blackjack apps that can be found online. The game creates the perfect Las Vegas blackjack experience that players can enjoy through their mobiles without having to go to Vegas. They just need their mobile with them and they do not even need an internet connection, as this blackjack game is a single player offline app that can be enjoyed without a connection to the internet. The game creates this wonderful Vegas themed experience through the great visuals of the blackjack table and the cards as well as the sound effects.

Blackjack 2011:  Players who are looking forward to enjoying a game of 21 on their Androids in a safe and a fun environment, Blackjack 2011 is the app they are looking for. The game is completely played with virtual currency that does not have any real value. Players will learn many techniques and blackjack strategies through this game that they can then use to win it big at real tables.

The game has two different modes, a professional mode and a beginner mode. In the first one, players will play against a dealer that follows the same rules as the dealer at a real land based casino. For example, the dealer will stand on soft seventeen. This is why players have to play it smart when they are taking on the challenge of the professional blackjack mode.

Casino Blackjack: This is not your usual blackjack app, it is a real BJ simulator that comes with all of the standard Las Vegas blackjack rules and also comes packed with plenty of customizable features as well as different blackjack modes. There is the regular mode, which is a realistic simulator. The shoe has 6 decks of cards and these decks are shuffled 75% of the way. Players can enable the pro features, which can be customized to their preferences.

Players will start with 1000 chips and 10,000 dollars (virtual currency) in their bank. If players lose all of their money, they will be able to borrow money. The stats are also tracked so players can see their performance and how it progressed in time.

AE Blackjack: This Blackjack Android app is developed by AE-Mobile. The game comes in a clear and a realistic design with great sound effects. It provides players with a smooth and a simple game play that make for an addictive and a fun gambling experience.  Players will play at different blackjack tables at different casinos. The more blackjack hands they win, the more casinos they will be able to visit.

Blackjack Live: Blackjack Live brings players the most authentic Las Vegas Blackjack experience, as players will play online in the company of other blackjack players on the same table, just like real Las Vegas casinos. All what players need to enjoy such great experience are their mobile and a stable internet connection.

On the other hand, if you use an iPhone, you can head to the App Store where you will find an equally amazing selection of Blackjack apps such as:

Big Fish Casino:  Big Fish Casino is an iPhone casino that offers players plenty of slot machines and mini games as well as blackjack tables. Players can play against the dealer or alongside other friends online where they can try to beat the house and show off their 21 skills.

Double Down Casino: this is yet another full casino app for iPhone users, which offers players a long list of casino games that they can enjoy. Of course, this wonderful gaming selection includes Blackjack, since it is one of the most popular card games in the world.

Blackjack Free HD: This iPhone app provides players with a high definition Blackjack experience that is presented in awesome visuals that resemble real Blackjack tables. This helps in creating an immersive gaming experience that players can easily get engaged in.

5 in 1 Blackjack App: This amazing iPhone blackjack does not only bring players one blackjack game, but it brings them five different blackjack games. These games are regular blackjack, which is dedicated to players who are looking for a classic experience, Count Blackjack, Face up Blackjack, Blackjack Plus and Perfect Pair Blackjack. Some of them come with rewarding side bets such as the Perfect Pair Blackjack game. In this game, the side bet will be won if players get a perfect pair as their initial blackjack hand.

For Real Play:

If you want to place real money bets, you can head to the website of any online casino through the browser of the mobile. The casino will then promote the needed download that is compatible with your device and in mere minutes, you will be able to place real money bets on a great variety of casino games including Blackjack.

Some of the best mobile casinos that offer you the chance to enjoy blackjack for real cash are Jackpot City Mobile, Royal Vegas Mobile, Bet365 Casino Mobile and PartyCasino Mobile casinos to name a few. Some of these casinos also have their app available at the App Store or on Google Play.

These mobile casinos offer a long list of casino games including a minimum of one blackjack game. Most of these casinos are powered by big software developers such as Playtech and Microgaming such as Bet365, Jackpot city and Gaming Club Mobile Casinos, while some of them run on their own in-house developed software and offer their own exclusive gaming content such as PartyCasino.

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